Thank You for Your Interest in CreditNovo!

CreditNovo is currently available to Texas residents. If you wish to apply for credit using the CreditNovo Financing System, please be sure to complete the following steps:

  1. Verify that the company you wish to use is a CreditNovo Provider. If they are not, please have them apply to become a CreditNovo Provider.
  2. Contact your CreditNovo Provider to request a Direct Application Link via email or text. Be sure to supply your CreditNovo Provider with your name and working email address they will use to enter your Loan package.
  3. Complete the Direct Application to apply for credit and register with the CreditNovo system, and get an immediate credit decision.
  4. Once your Loan Package is entered by your Provider, select your terms and finalize your loan.
  5. Enjoy your Provider’s product or service! It’s that easy.