What is Credit Protection Insurance?

If a “life-changing” event occurs that prevents you from meeting your financial obligations, Credit Protection Insurance will make your loan payments. 70% of all Americans suffer a life-changing event each year. Yet, for only pennies a day, you and your family can be protected if you become sick, disabled and can’t work, lose your job, or die. The credit protection insurance premium can be included in your loan payment and we strongly recommend you consider this coverage.

Credit Life pays off the debt you owe on a loan in the event of your death. Credit Life provides the security of knowing the people you leave behind won’t have to worry about your debt.

Credit Disability will make your loan payments during a period of sickness, injury or serious accident covered by the plan. Credit Disability provides the security of knowing your debt obligations are met while you are sick, or injured and can’t work.

Filing a Claim

If you need to file a Credit Insurance Claim, click below to access claims forms.

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