PROVIDERS: Offer Your Customers the Financing Options They Need

Welcome to the New Age of Internet Consumer Financing:

  • Simple and Secure Application Process for Borrower
  • Help Your Customers Secure More Affordable Payments
  • Easy, 2-Minute Loan Completion Process for Office Staff

CreditNovo Lenders offer preferable rates (starting at 5.9%) and terms (12 – 60 months) on a wide range of credit scores (550 – 850 FICO) and loan amounts ($500 - $20,000). These affordable credit options ensure Customers get the best payment options to meet their budget requirements. Our Lenders offer credit-friendly, fixed term, monthly-payment loans for your Customers.

By providing the CreditNovo financing solution, you can increase purchase acceptance by as much as 30% - 50%, and give your Customers a convenient way to say “yes” to a purchase.

Want to become a CreditNovo Provider? Our online “Provider Application” allows you to apply online in 2 minutes to become an approved CreditNovo Provider. Completing and submitting the Provider Application is for Lender APPROVAL only. There is NO Application Fee. Once approved by the Lenders, there is NO Commitment to continue with the program.

Once you are approved, we will install the CreditNovo system and train your staff on-site. Training only requires 30 minutes, then you are ready to start offering credit! There is no licensing or special training required. Funded loan applications are electronically processed with the click of a button and there is no need to wait for funding -- your payment will be made directly to your designated account within 2 working days after you submit your electronic request.

Do You Need a Better Financing Solution?
Test Drive CREDITNOVO Financing Solutions for FREE!

Sign up for CreditNovo today! Our normal set-up fee and monthly service fee is waived for the first 12 months – so you can “test drive” our system for a year, free of charge! If you are not 100% satisfied, just return any equipment supplied at set-up and you owe nothing!

CreditNovo Provides Increased Profitability for You:

  • Offering a simple, comprehensive financing program at the Point-of-Sale can increase your business by 30-50%
  • Pre-qualify potential customers in advance
  • Increase sales conversion rates and turn “shoppers” into “buyers”
  • Leverage additional fee opportunities
  • Wide range of credit scores accepted greatly increases your potential customer pool
  • Loan proceeds fund directly to your designated bank account within 2 business days

CreditNovo Offers Many Benefits for Your Customers:

  • Simple, secure Internet application
  • Fast, 5-minute credit decisions
  • Loan amounts from $500 to $20,000
  • Interest rates as low as 5.9%
  • No “0% Interest” scams
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • Loan approval amounts, terms and interest rates based on credit standing of applicant
  • Credit considered from 550 to 850 FICO
  • Affordable, installment loans with fixed interest rates and fixed low monthly payments
  • Payment protection insurance options available (life, disability, and unemployment)

The CreditNovo Financing Solution is the Key to Customer Service and Your Profitability:

With CreditNovo, your customer can make a loan application from any computer via our website – without the need for staff assistance. Our unique lending system employs a simple, secure, Internet-based Customer-to-Lender loan application that can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

To initiate the loan application process, your staff is only required to enter 5 fields of information:

  1. Customer name and email
  2. Description of the product or service
  3. Cost of the product or service
  4. Quantity of the Product or service
  5. Staff Person entering Loan Package

That’s It!

The remainder of the loan process is completed by the loan applicant. Electronic funding of the loan is consummated via electronic signature (PIN verification). The entire process is Internet-based and requires NO special equipment other than an Internet connection.

Once you submit a completed loan for funding, loan proceeds will be delivered to your bank account via EFT within 2 business days.

What’s So Different About CreditNovo?

There is a BIG difference between CreditNovo and all other financing systems:

We are the only Internet-based, all-electronic, end-to-end consumer financing system that offers a “real-time” opportunity to secure credit for your customer at the Point-of-Sale — all this without any equipment fees.

Just enter minimal data about the customer into our system and their credit score is electronically processed through our Automatic Loan Matrix.

A loan decision is then made within seconds!

If the application is accepted, the maximum available credit amount is displayed immediately – which allows you to pre-qualify customers in advance.

Once the costs of goods/services are determined and the amount entered, a choice of monthly payments and terms automatically display for the customer’s approval. Upon acceptance, the customer signs the loan documentation (via electronic PIN) and the loan is consummated. After you submit the loan to the Lender, all documents are electronically sent for processing and the funds are disbursed directly to your designated account within 2 working days.